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General Processes & Procedures

Replace paper driven work processes and procedures with digital processes and procedures that are value added and based on clearly defined responsibilities, and built on trust, recognition, and respect for all parties.

  • Work flow analysis services
  • Technology solutions to replace inefficient existing work flows
  • Digital tracking of manpower and comparisons with productivity standards
  • Enhancement services focused on increasing the value of human services in work flows solutions
  • Analysis and balancing of project team experience profiles including senior and mid-level experienced supervisors

Enterprise Portfolio Management

EPM services assist with the management of an entities bundle of projects (portfolio).  It assists with the entities effective return on investment via bundle strategies, policies, standards, guidelines, procedures, and practices.  EPM helps improve an entity’s return by effectively managing reducing failures, increasing streamlined project deliverables, controlling budgets and schedules, and aligning projects to business priorities and strategy.

  • Estimation of performance standards and benchmarks from past AEC projects
  • Visualization services for past, current and proposed portfolio management metrics
  • Dashboards and exception reporting services for portfolio performance
  • Financial services for expansion and sales of portfolio assets
  • Surety services for portfolio assets

Contract Management & Compliance

Incorporate strong performance metrics in contracts, manage to performance, and reduce compliance issues with open communications and total transparency

  • Contract enhancement documentation including General and Supplementary conditions and coordination mandates
  • Claims avoidance team building services
  • Integration of AEC law and technical insights
  • Claims avoidance on-site services
  • Claims teams that can effectively mitigate schedule and cost impacts

Surety Risk, Safety, & Loss Control

Reduce claims and focus project resources on safety to save costs and increase the value of all project team members.

  • Owner Consolidated Insurance Policy Services
  • Risk Management Data Management Services
  • On-site Project Construction Safety Services
  • Patient Safety Services during Construction
  • Loss Control Engineering and Inspection Services

Project Management (PMO)

Establish a Project Management Office that continuously improves project performance and yields significant business value.

  • Organization redesign services
  • Strategic planning services
  • Assessments of project methodologies and standards
  • Digital work flows, project performance metrics, and real time/on-demand reporting systems
  • Leadership development services
  • Enterprise wide performance metrics, reporting and analysis services
  • Infrastructure and information migration to integrated AI systems

Construction Management

Assist with contract compliance, performance management of stakeholders, and budgetary and schedule adherence.

  • Integrated management, controls and monitoring services which include contract document review (drawings, specifications, general conditions, etc.)
  • RFI and Submittal compliance, sequence of construction, procurement
  • Testing, inspection and observation management
  • Application for payment reviews, financial forecasting, SOV reviews, coordination to chart of accounts
  • AHJ Compliance
  • Buyout review and OFVI / OFCI / CFCI coordination
  • Field Coordination

Scheduling & Resource

Increase project productivity to meet/exceed established productivity standards for the AEC industry.

  • Project Scheduling Services
  • Integrated Schedule, Cost and Quality Solutions
  • Productivity and Manpower Planning Services
  • Schedule centric Reporting and Visualizations
  • Scheduling and Resource Incentive Programs
  • 3D/4D Software Construction Scheduling and Project Management Consulting Services

Cost Management

Manage Project Costs from the bottom up on a daily basis.

  • Assessment and provision of evidence-based data on financial risks
  • Owner Consolidated Insurance packages
  • Real time manpower planning and productivity tracking
  • Integration of schedule, cost and quality management
  • Incentive systems for completion under cost

Project Office Engineering

Create a global enterprise-wide engineering office that is reliable, meets the highest industry standards, and adapts well to challenges and change.

  • Enterprise wide digital infrastructure services
  • Distributed team performance metrics and services
  • Real time exception reporting and drill down reporting services
  • Value added logistics services
  • Collaborative best practices communication services
  • Data migration and storage services

Document Control

Integrate AEC information of all types from diverse sources to support real time access and use of documents for all levels of decision making.

  • Schedule centric integration of cost, schedule, and quality information documents
  • 3D and 4D modeling to identify changes and implications to cost and schedule
  • Automated versioning analysis of content sources across specified data import periods
  • Estimator and scheduler modeling
  • Content change analysis using past project standards and cognitive learning tools
  • Storage of all documents/files (images, emails, voice and public)
  • Manpower planning and productivity analysis tools and services

Project Coordination

Focus all project resources on the value their work contributes to the community rather than their own short term individual agendas.

  • Community-based value systems and services
  • Project coordination metrics and performance standards for community value
  • Government regulatory coordination services
  • Project transparency metrics and enhancement services
  • Real-time digital project completion reporting and assessment services
  • Recognition and incentive systems for top community value performances
  • Reduced paperwork and information collection services

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Inspect and maintain quality on a daily basis using a no defects culture.

  • Quality control on site services
  • Regulatory management services
  • Integrated quality control and productivity management services
  • Integration of inspection services with cost and schedule tracking
  • Quality recognition and rewards systems

Patient Health & Healthcare Analytics

Create Solutions that transform Patient and Healthcare Behaviors which improve Community Health.

  • Voice, Image, Text, Public and EHR Knowledge Management Services
  • Individualized Patient Care Analytics Services
  • Parent’s Voice Analytics for Child Care
  • Cognitive Complex Care Analytics Services
  • Value Based Community Care Analytics Services

Project Analytics

Replace paperwork with digital work flows and reduce data input and data collection time burdens.

  • Data Assessment and Data Quality Improvement Services
  • Data Storage and Cloud Services
  • API Cloud Knowledge Transfer Services
  • Performance Metrics and Analytical Services
  • Project Statistical Analytics Services
  • Project Cognitive Analytics Services
  • AI and Cognitive Learning Consulting Services
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